Headlines for: 09-16-2001

NEW STYLES ADDED TO ‘DESIGNER BARF BAGS’ SYDNEY, Australia (Wireless Flash) – A multimedia designer who recently released a collection of “designer barf bags” is now launching a second set of styles.

HUMAN CLONING SOLUTION TO TERRORIST ATTACKS? MONTREAL (Wireless Flash) – A UFO cult group called the Raelians, which last year announced plans to clone a human baby, is now saying cloning may be able to prevent future terrorist attacks.

FECAL BACTERIA FOUND IN DRINKS AT EUROPEAN RESORTS LONDON (Wireless Flash) – “Sacre poo!” When it comes to fecal contamination of drinking water in European resort hotels and bars, the city of Biarritz, France, wipes away the competition.

OREGON MAN BUILDING HIS DREAM HOME IN AN OLD AIRPLANE HILLSBORO, Ore. (Wireless Flash) – What’s your idea of a dream home? For one Oregon man, it’s a Boeing 727 aircraft. 51-year-old electrical engineer Bruce Campbell is in the process of

GAP BAND WON’T PLAY ‘YOU DROPPED A BOMB ON ME’ DETROIT, Mich. (Wireless Flash) – There’s no way to dance around it: Last Tuesday’s terrorist attack is having a major effect on ’80s funk icons, The Gap Band.

TERRORISTS SHOOT DOWN GWYNETH AND BEN FLICKS? NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Affleck’s latest movies are two of the latest victims of last week’s terrorist attacks.

‘GOD BLESS AMERICA’ MAKING A COMEBACK WILMINGTON, N.C. (Wireless Flash) – Irving Berlin’s patriotic tune “God Bless America” is making a comeback thanks to the recent terrorist attacks – and now, some folks are thinking it should become

THE SHOW GOES ON FOR SLAYER LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – Slayer isn’t letting the recent air terrorist scare keep them from flying to Europe to kick off a tour tomorrow (Sep. 18) in Belgium.

HOMER SIMPSON GOES HEAD TO HEAD WITH ‘THE MUMMY’ LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – Homer Simpson is going head to head with The Mummy. Amazon.com is creating a rivalry between the two with a new “DVD

FLASH LITES: RIP ‘N’ READ POP CULTURE RECAP YAKIMA, Wash. (Wireless Flash) – A gas station owner in Yakima, Washington has apologized for raising gas prices to $7 a gallon in the wake of the terrorist attacks. The Shell station is now offering refunds to those who