Headlines for: 04-08-1999

MARTINI A DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY? (EMBARGOED UNTIL APRIL 12, 1999) ULM, Germany (Wireless Flash) -- Those three-martini lunches may not be so bad for you after all -- at least where ulcers are

ALIEN ABDUCTEES VICTIMS OF MILITARY BRAINWASHING? GRAF, Austria (Wireless Flash) -- Is a top secret U.S. military agency kidnapping alien abductees and drugging them to make them forget the experience?

BIODEGRADABLE DIAPER: CLEANS BOTTOM, FEEDS PLANTS SEATTLE (Wireless Flash) -- Cow fertilizer may be getting a run for its money thanks to a new double-duty diaper that's designed to break down in a compost pile and turn itself into food for

REMEMBER GERARDO? `RICO SUAVE' NOW RECORD EXECUTIVE LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- Did you ever wonder what happened to Latino rapper Gerardo who hit it big in 1990 with "Rico Suave"?

CAN MEDITATION END KOSOVO CRISIS? SAN DIEGO (Wireless Flash) -- A neuroscientist in San Diego claims a meditation technique known as "yogic flying" could bring an end to the Kosovo crisis.

BOBBITT TO GRANT INTERVIEW TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER BUFFALO, NY (Wireless Flash) -- Although recent news reports that John Wayne Bobbitt jumped bail on theft charges have turned out to be false, there's still more news on the Bobbitt beat.

NEW GADGET: `SHOPPING MALL IN A BOX' MUNICH, Germany (Wireless Flash) -- A new computerized shopping machine designed to be installed in office buildings could make shopping malls obsolete.

SALARY SHOCKER: TOP-PAID WORKERS MORE MISERABLE THAN LOWEST PAID LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- Money may make the world go 'round but it isn't making people any happier. A survey by the authors of the new book, "How We Choose To

ART SHOW FEATURES MEDIA PRANKS NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Folks who pull pranks on the media are getting their day in the sun, thanks to a new art exhibit that will open April 28 in New York City.