Fortune Telling With Dominoes

Lay the set of 28 face down on a flat surface and mix them up. The draw away three sominoes and turn them up. Their meanings may be interpreted as followes:

Double-Six: Money will be gained. Succes is imminent.
Six-Five: You will become a member of an orginisation.
Six-Four: Troubles will lead to a loss
Six-Three: Travel will bring improvements to your life.
Six-Two: Be prepared to recieve a gift.
Six-One: Problems can be solved.
Six-Blank: Beware of deception, friends may not be as they seem.

Double-Five: Any major changes made now will be succesful.
Five-Four: Look after your investments, be cautious.
Five-Three: Visitors bring gifts, not necessarily physical.
Five-Two: Birth, Changes, A new phase of life, Ideas.
Five-One: Romance, An affair, not necessarily happy.
Five-Blank: help welcomed by friends.

Double Four: improvements in social life.
Four-Three: beware of unwarented worrying.
Four-Two: friends may be false, beware of being mislead.
Four-One: minor financal or business problems.
Four-Blank: take time to tend to tearing relationships.

Double Three: be cautious, you may be in a love triangle and not be aware of it.
Three-Two: luck is against you.
Three-One: new found knowladge will guide you.
Three-Blank: friendships are in turmoil, avoid feelings of envy.

Double Two: your input will be welcomed by others in relationship difficulties.
Two-One: be cautious of mislaying items.
Two-Blank: an unsual meeting may prove fruitful.

Double One: strike while the iron is hot to succed. Take chances. Cease the day.
One-Blank: a stranger will be helpful.

Blank-Blank: Loss, unhappy changes, grief.