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Posted by NOOSE on Fri Nov 15 21:09:36 2002: IP Address:

In Reply to: Re: black posted by Deez Nuts in Your MOuth on Fri Nov 1 22:41:21 2002:

Fuck all of you inferior unevolved niggers. Gooks and spiks go in the nigger category as far as I'm concerned. Yeah, thatís right you squinty little nips, get back out there in the rice pattie you poodle eating fucks. We already nuked you assholes once, what more do you want? A nuke right up the asshole? You know you all love our gorgeous white women. But I really can't blame you considering that your women are so hideously disgusting and ours are so precious and gorgeous. Your females are repulsive, especially those stinky pussy ape nigger bitches, god how repulsive black women are! YUCK! Asian women are good for nothing but swallowing my cock and jizz, fucking in their gooky little asses and licking my scooch clean. I have a chink slut and a ruskie slut that I like to fuck in the face and ass so hard that it hurts them. Nothing better than watching a little gook cry and bleed out of her ass with my cum dripping out of it. Now.... you stinky Mexicans, excuse me... wet backs are good for.....let's see.... Not a god damn thing except making fucking burritos for the superior white race down at Taco Time, scrubbing toilets picking lettuce and cheap labor, on top of that you stupid chili choking grease monkeys can't even wrap a fucking burrito properly. You fucking thieving back stabbing greasy spik monkeys should have to pass the burrito wrapping test among many other tests in order to even be allowed in this country. That goes for any of you "Latino" slime balls. And if all you gooks niggers and chili choking wet backs don't worship us superior white folks like you should than get the fuck out of our country! Thatís right, GO HOME! I am a WHITE AMERICAN, born and raised in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, if you don't like it you don't have to go back to your shit hole country but get the fuck out of mine. I'm sure you'd rather stay here so your family can collect their WELFARE CHECK that the white man supplies for them each month because they are too fucking dumb and lazy to get a fucking job. I have to pay taxes to support some fucking panhandling niggers crack habit, and not to mention those yard apes that fill our prison systems. We're doing you a supreme favor for even allowing you animals to roam free in this gorgeous country. You belong in a locked cage or pushing up fucking daisies. You fucking idiots talk so much about how great your country is, but why the fuck are you here then? I know why, it's because you love the white man. You praise the jizz that shoots out of his great white cock as he spews it all over your slutty wife and kids faces! It is a FACT that if we did not bring you yard ape niggers to this country then you would still be chucking spears in the desert, sitting there all sucked up and starving with flies all over your ugly pitiful faces like your ancestors still are. I don't see you trying to help YOUR PEOPLE, people who are starving over there in Africa, your homeland. The homeland that you are so proud of. Who's over there feeding your idiotic starving people? That's right generous white Christian groups are feeding your starving ancestors that are too stupid to get out of the desert and go where the fucking food is. Nothing grows in sand you dumb niggers, HELLO?!?!? Why is Africa run by rich white people? Because you niggers are too ignorant for that kind of responsibility. Thatís why America has to go around and babysit the rest of the world. On a large scale your people act like little children trying to stick your tongue in the electrical outlet. AMERICA has to make sure they don't do something stupid. Don't get me started on you fucking Rio Grande hopping wet backs, you spiks steal everything from a 2 cent stamp to a broken down Ford Pinto. Fucking Mexicans, aint good for shit aint good for nothing! So get the fuck out of our country you ungrateful parasites. If things are so wonderful over there in Africa China or Mexico then why aren't you there? Why are you here? I'll tell you why. Because the Chinese and Mexicans are just a bunch of LOSERS. Yeah, I've seen how they live, 10 chinks living in a room the size of my bathroom, oh how wonderful that must be. Why do you think they keep finding storage containers full of gooks (some dead thank god) coming in on boats to the Port of Seattle? It's because they'll do anything to get to North America. They give up their LIFE SAVINGS just to be shipped here in a fucking cargo crate. Do you see Americans trying to sneak into ANY country? NO! We already have everything we need right here. It's genuine proof that all of you fucking pathetic animals are ashamed of your home country, and then you have the god damn gumption to come over here and talk shit and bite the hand thatís feeding you? You are so fucking ignorant it is completely unfucking believable. Don't even get me started on inventions, anyone who actually has a brain knows that all relevant technological breakthroughs were invented in America, we just enslave and make you gooks assemble our products for peanuts. Speaking of peanuts, I heard a stupid nigger say, "duhhh yo yo g dog niggaz invented peenut butta" woah great fucking accomplishment smashed peanuts with sugar and peanut oil, wow must be some kind of genius that figured that one out, and speaking of brains, if they were dynamite you niggers spiks and gookers wouldn't have enough to blow a fart! So bow down and suck a juicy fart out of the great superior white man's asshole, hold it in and savor it because it's a god damn generous gift! Just keep in mind whose country this really is. All of hard working REAL AMERICANS know that you are all jealous of us for our power and great accomplishments. Don't think we are not keeping an eagles fucking eye on your every ignorant move and keeping notes. Just shut the fuck up and consider yourself lucky to be allowed in such a great land and be thankful we havenít exterminated your race and taken over your lame ass country and its resources. Resources that you can't seem to figure out how to use anyway. I dare you to say something to me, come on you mother fucking immigrant scum speak some more nigger jive because it's just going to prove your ignorance. You want so much to be us, but you'll never be us..... Fuck you god damn NIGNOGS, you are all UNEVOLVED parasitic and ungrateful scum! Enough said....

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