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  • Dysfunctional People

    In case you are wondering if you are a "dysfunctional" person or not. Allow me to clear it up for you. YES! We all are. If you know someone that claims to be normal, hurry up and hit them on the head with something to zap them back into reality. The people that think they are normal are the most fucked up of all. They are in denial. Those that were molested or abused as children are not the only ones that can wear the dysfunctional crown. A lot of us get fucked up as adults. Usually by becoming involved in those godawful relationships we seek out so much. I won't ramble on about relationships right now, you can read about my sadistic thoughts on that subject on another page, for now let's focus on how fucked up we are. Come on, it will make you feel better. Then we will make fun of others that are worse off than we are.

    We all know someone that just can't seem to cope with life. Can't keep a job. Doesn't have a lot of friends. Has been on more than five antidepressants and still cries at TV commercials. Wait a minute, I just described myself and all the people I respect. Don't get the wrong idea and think that all my friends are crazy losers or anything. Most of them are quite intelligent. But intelligence can be a huge downfall when trying to be successful in the US. Not to mention honesty and kindness. There may be a few good people out there, but not that many. I really believe people become dysfunctional due to not being able to survive in a greedy society. How in the hell are we supposed to deal with everyday life and not be bothered by the fact that it seems as if the only ones that actually get anywhere are the assholes that lie and steal to get ahead? What if you are the kind of person that won't take credit for what others do, or steal ideas overheard in the restrooms of the offices and hurry to the boss so it looks like you came up with it. I've had this done to me. Recently too, it wasn't at work, but this guy I know just bought a bar and they have been losing business and needed an idea to get people in and spend some money. I made a suggestion and the next week I read about it in the paper. Of course, I was told, after I first suggested that he would like me to organize it and help, then when I called him bitching asking if he even told anyone it was my idea, he was drunk as always and said he wanted to look good in front of his partners so he told them he thought of it. Well, okay, I should have expected this from a 39-year-old alcoholic that still lives in a garage apartment on his parents' property.

    We are all fucked up in one way or another. That's not the question. The question we should be asking ourselves is what to do about it. We could all run to the doctor and get some anti-depressants but all that does is make more money for the doctors and the pharmaceutical companies. Solves their problems but not ours. Instead we get terrible side effects and spend all spend all our money supporting the drug industry. Yeah, okay, some people need them but not all of us. I've taken the stuff before and totally freaked out. We should all go out and get drunk once a week, have a one-night stand (just make sure it ends by early morning) and forget about our problems for a little while. Hey, it works for me! We know what's wrong with us, we don't need someone else telling us. That doesn't do anything but cause more depression. Instead we should just think about it and try to fix our many problems one at a time. Dysfunctional people can't do a lot of things at once. We have to take it slow. One thing that has helped me a great deal has been letting go of certain people in my life. You know the one I mean, the people that point out what's wrong with you instead of trying to help you find a solution. They are worse than we are. At least most of admit we are fucked up. It's better to admit it than to point out what is wrong with everyone else. We are all going insane at a slow, even pace. Enjoy it some and turn it around. All those happy people that have it made tend to fall apart over the little things. At least our problems are big; we have an excuse for freaking out. My head is so full of tragic memories that sometimes I just sit in a chair and do absolutely nothing for hours. I'm not depressed, just overloaded to the point I can't think about anything and then when I try to do something as simple as washing dishes I start to cry and sit back down. The answer is to force yourself to go on and not to listen to what someone else thinks of you. People cause us to be dysfunctional, so the less people you surround yourself with, the better off you are. Just don't go into total isolation or you will end up in the nuthouse talking to the air.

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