Flash Lites: Rip ‘N’ Read Pop Culture Recap

Flash Lites: Rip ‘N’ Read Pop Culture Recap

NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Original Spider-Man scribbler Stan Lee is hotter than ever thanks to Spidey’s recent blockbuster movie. Case in point: A simple webslinger doodle drawn and signed by Lee brought in a whopping $10,000 at a recent Kidney and Urology Foundation dinner in New York. Lee’s scribble netted more cash than doodles done by Barbra Streisand and Dudley Moore.

NEW YORK – Ben Affleck’s onscreen flame in the upcoming flick The Sum of All Fears says bedding down with the action stud was “awkward.” But why? Well, actress Bridget Moynahan tells the upcoming Parade magazine that she filmed her sex scenes with Affleck only moments after meeting him.

NEW YORK – It’s not easy being Johnny Knoxville. The former Jackass host tells Details magazine that he still gets confronted by girls who try to find out how tough he is by putting out cigarettes on his arm or punching him in the mouth.

NEW YORK – Jenny McCarthy had a baby boy recently but her main concern in the delivery room wasn’t the baby’s health as much as her own poop. McCarthy tells the upcoming Fit Pregnancy that she has a “huge fear of poo-ing on the table” after giving birth and wonders “Why does no one talk about this?”

NEW YORK – Stardom still makes Nicholas Hoult – the 12-year-old who co-stars with Hugh Grant in About A Boy – a little nervous. He was so nervous when he signed his first autograph that he could – quote – “feel my knees shaking really badly. My handwriting was really squiggly.”

CANNES, France – Jack Nicholson is known for playing cool characters, but in his latest role, About Schmidt, he’s not so glamorous. Nicholson says his character – who “has a slouchy walk, a comb-over and a deadened spirit” – was the “least vain performance” of his career and, because of that, he couldn’t look at himself in the mirror for months.

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