Flash Lites: Rip ‘N’ Read Pop Culture Recap

Flash Lites: Rip ‘N’ Read Pop Culture Recap

LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – It looks like “bum’s the word” for George Clooney. E! Online gossip columnist Ted Casablancas reports one of Clooney’s favorite pranks is taking pictures of his butt with other people’s cameras at big Hollywood events.

NEW YORK – Although he plays Spider-Man, Tobey Maguire wouldn’t hurt a fly. He’s a sworn vegetarian who tells the upcoming USA Weekend magazine there’s no meat in his kitchen. “Not that I have a problem with it,” he says, “Other than the gizzards, blood stains, little bone chunks in hamburgers and little cords in eggs. Makes me naseous, but I’m funny that way.”

LONDON – Here’s a news leak: A British woman who recently had to use a public toilet right after Gwyneth Paltrow tells Popbitch.com the actress is a “hoverer” and dribbled on the seat.

LA JOLLA, Calif. – Is Winona Ryder having hard times financially? The San Diego Union-Tribune reports that some of Ryder’s possessions are currently on consignment at a resale shop in La Jolla, California. Meanwhile, Marisa Tomei was recently seen purchasing bags and bags of goodies from a resale store in the same neighborhood.

HOLLYWOOD – A re-make of the classic TV show Dragnet may be coming to TV in the future. Law & Order’s writer/producer Dick Wolf is expected to write a pilot for a modern-day version of the LA police detective drama that might become a series next year.

Fri 04-26-02