NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – The Tupperware Lady will be out in full force next Tuesday (Jan. 4). That’s the date of the World’s Largest Tupperware Party, when 80,000 “Tupperware consultants” will be hawking their wares across America at special parties.

FORT MYERS, Fla. – Residents of Fort Myers, Florida, are being overrun by beer-guzzling raccoons. The pesky critters have broken into several homes in the area, including one where they devoured two loaves of bread and spilled beer on the floor.

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. – A 67-year-old amateur pilot in San Rafael, California recently had the fright of his life when his plane took off completely on its own. The pilot-less plane is now missing in action, and authorities believe it has probably crashed because it only contained two hours worth of fuel.

GAINESVILLE, Fla. – In a spin on Hansel and Gretel, Florida police recently found a child thief by following a trail of candy wrappers. The Gainesville cops traced the empty Skittles wrappers to a young boy who admitted to stealing the candy from a vending machine with two other kids.

WELLINGTON, N.Z. – Although Lord Of The Rings director Peter Jackson is reportedly concerned about titling the second film The Two Towers in the aftermath of September 11, he promises not to change it because “Tolkien fans would kill me.”

LONDON – First, there was a stage musical based on Abba songs. Now there are plans to do the same for singer Kylie Minogue. A new musical based on her hits, I Should Be So Lucky, will open next year in Australia and the U.K.

NEW YORK – The price of a Batman comic is at its lowest in 40 years – ten cents to be exact. Next Wednesday (Jan. 2), DC Comics will publish Batman: The Ten-Cent Adventure, a 32-page comic book that, true to its title, sells for exactly ten cents. DC Comics hopes the cheap one-shot gets fans hooked permanently.

COPENHAGEN – The Queen of Denmark will still deliver her traditional New Year’s Eve TV address, despite cracking two of her royal ribs on Christmas. The 61-year-old slipped and hit a table while celebrating with her family.

SEMINOLE, Fla. – A case of life imitating art has police in Seminole, Florida, hunting for an armed robber who knocks over banks while wearing a mask just like one used in the movie Scream. Police believe the thief pulled at least three robberies on Christmas Eve alone.

BERLIN – Marlene Dietrich’s hometown of Berlin celebrated her 100th birthday yesterday with the Friedrichstadtpalast – Germany’s answer to the Parisan Moulin Rouge. The Berlin Film Museum also screened never-before-seen private films of the late star, who died in 1992.