LONDON (Wireless Flash) – Patricia Arquette really wigged out over her role in the upcoming movie Human Nature: she wore a wig over her private parts. The actress tells news site Ananova she came up with the idea for the “pubic rug” which was stitched on to her panties. In the flick, Arquette plays a woman with an excessive body hair problem.

SALEM, Ore. – Holy moly! An Oregon pastor almost swallowed a crucifix that was hidden inside a cabbage he was eating for dinner. Growers think the tiny gold cross possibly fell off a farm worker’s ring into the cabbage while it was growing.

TOLEDO, Ohio – Talk about a sticky situation: A University of Toledo, Ohio, frat boy is being charged with assault for gluing a fellow student’s eye shut with super glue as a prank. Doctors had to pry the boys’s eye open with a scalpel.

HARTFORD, Conn. – Lucy and Ricky Ricardo will soon be getting new careers as one-armed bandits. Slot machines based on I Love Lucy will soon be hitting casino floors.

KAJIKI, Japan – They take recycling very seriously in Kajiki, Japan. A local sanitation worker there was recently arrested for threatening a bar owner with a knife because the trash wasn’t separated properly.

LOS ANGELES – Action star Steven Seagal is taking action against a woman who is accusing him of inappropriate sexual advances. He claims he’s a victim of extortion and dismisses the woman’s sex charges by saying, “I would rather do that with a goldfish.”

PASADENA, Calif. – Being Queen of the Rose Parade can be a headache – literally. In fact, current Rose Queen Caroline Hsu says parade bigwigs told her the crown is so heavy that she should probably take Advil before and after the parade.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – Hollywood odd-couple Billy Bob Thornton and Angelina Jolie are making Christmas gifts for each other this year instead of buying them. However, Thornton says his wife has already ruined a few things she was trying to make, including a knitted scarf.

BUFFALO, N.Y. – A 500-pound New York man is getting his Christmas gift early this year from Richard Simmons. The diet guru heard that the man lost custody of his foster children because his weight immobilized him, so Richard has vowed to help him shed the pounds.

NEW YORK CITY – Think your collecting habits are weird? When Jessica Simpson was younger she collected pictures of missing persons that came in the mail. Simpson, who hid the pictures under her pillow, tells the current issue of Maxim that she just wanted to help the victims.