NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Songbird Mariah Carey has scored a high note: The NFL has picked her to perform the U.S. national anthem at this season’s Super Bowl.

SANTA MONICA – From thug life to “reel” life: MTV is planning to produce a documentary on the life of rapper Tupac Shakur. The late singer’s mother will executive produce the film and says it will share the true story of her son’s life.

AVIGNON, France – It’s better late than never: A 101-year-old Frenchman who served as a sailor in World War I has finally received his veteran’s card.

RACINE – A Racine, Minnesota, family learned the real meaning of the phrase “bear hug” when a lonely baby bear tried to break into their home looking for someone to hug. The 10-month-old cub busted out of a local animal park and “was just looking for people to hug him,” says his keeper.

NEW YORK – Researchers at the Bronx zoo-based Wildlife Conservation Society have discovered two pairs of gay male orangutans in Sumatra. This is the first time homosexual orangutans have ever been observed in the wild.

CHICAGO – Ho, Ho, Holy Moly: Dieticians estimate if Santa Claus were to eat two butter cookies and drink a glass of whole milk at every American household on Christmas Eve, he would consume seven billion calories and 384 million grams of fat.

LONDON – Ian McKellen, who plays Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings, says the whole cast bonded by getting tattoos during the filming. McKellen says everyone swore to never tell anyone, but he ended up blabbing the secret to reporters at the premiere party. However, he’s still keeping mum about the design and location of the tattoos.

LONDON – A Santa Claus in London had his jingle bells stolen while he was reading Christmas stories to children at the Galleria London shopping center. The unlucky Santa says he will now have to cancel a carol concert because he can’t sing without the bells. He suspects two suspicious boys of stealing them.

LONDON – Never let it be said that Jennifer Lopez doesn’t appreciate the little people. When J. Lo recently appeared at the British Tops Of The Pops Awards Show to collect the “Artist At The Top Of The World Award” she said, “I’d like to thank my two chefs, my couch carrier, my chauffeur, my masseuse, my twenty bodyguards and two handmaidens.”

NASHVILLE – Billy Bob Thornton is helping Travis Tritt make beautiful music by starring in the country singer’s newest video, “Modern Day Bonnie And Clyde,” which is currently shooting in the Mojave Desert.