LONDON (Wireless Flash) – 69-year-old Joan Collins says she now regrets posing in a corset and stockings to promote the play Over the Moon, which closed over the weekend. Collins says she refused to pose at first but eventually gave in to producers. She regretted it after critics panned her for posing.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – Spanish actor Antonio Banderas will be the first recipient of the Anthony Quinn Achievement Award to be presented in late April at the 10th Annual Latin American Film Festival. Quinn, a Mexican actor, died in June at the age of 86.

LONDON – After being displayed only one day, a waxwork figure of actress Penelope Cruz became a top attraction at Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum in London. The waxy Cruz is decked out in a glittering gown with plunging neckline.

HOLLWOOD, Calif. – A film titled Harv the Barbarian staring Rob Schneider is getting the green light after being in development for six years. Filming for the “Monty Python-esque” comedy is slated for next June.

ROME – An Italian man has been arrested for killing his cousin with a chainsaw when an insurance scam turned into a tragedy. The man claims his cousin asked him to cut open his leg so he could collect $460,000, but he cut too deep and killed him.

LONDON – A hearing will be set January 10 for Princess Diana’s former butler who was brought into court on criminal charges for stealing hundreds of her personal items, from lingerie to letters. The total value of her possessions amounts to $7 million.

DETROIT – Former Baywatch beauty Yasmine Bleeth has plead guilty to cocaine possession and driving while impaired following a September 12 arrest. The actress will have to serve two years of probation and have regular drug tests.

WELLINGTON, N.Z. – A New Zealand bank employee fired for inadvertently storing porn on his work computer has aroused sympathy from government officials, who awarded him $1249 for the way his bosses humiliated him. The man said he accidentally downloaded porn but says his work computer wasn’t able to view it.

NEW YORK – The World Trade Center tragedy has left a sweaty mark on New Yorkers. According to the National Opinion Research Center, New Yorkers have reported having sweatier, clammier hands than the rest of the U.S. since September 11.

JOHANNESBURG, S.A. – African men aren’t stretching a point: They really do need bigger condoms. That’s according to the South African Health Department which is demanding that condoms be made at least 2 centimeters longer.