PHILADELPHIA (Wireless Flash) – A twentysomething woman turned a recent screening of Harry Potter into an episode of “Bare Knobs and Broomsticks.” The lady stripped down to a lacy white bra in the lobby of a Philadelphia movie theater and started dancing around in full view of several tots planning to see Harry Potter.

LOS ANGELES – The “Bagel Cam” is striking again – and this time its victim is Jackie Chan. Dreamworks Pictures and CountingDown.com have placed a webcam on the snack table on the set of Chan’s latest movie, The Tuxedo. The so-called “Bagel Cam” previously caught actors on the set of A.I.

DENVER – Baby talk isn’t just for babies: A new survey by the American Animal Hospital Association shows 78 percent of pet owners talk to their furry friends using a goofy voice.

PHILADELPHIA – Talk about an unwelcome houseguest: A Philadelphia man who bought a condominium sight unseen at a public auction was shocked to find a mummified corpse on the floor when he first entered the place. It’s believed the body is that of the former owner.

ROME – Italian men like their love in the afternoon. According to the Italian Maxim magazine, 64 percent admit they’ve cheated on a partner during their office lunch hour, with 18 percent preferring the office desk illicit nookie.

DALLAS – Firefighters are lighting fires in women’s hearts these days. According to a match.com survey, 31 percent of ladies have the hots for firemen but only 2 percent are attracted to politicians.

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. – Who works more? Men or women? According to a study by Grand Valley State University in Michigan, the average guy works a little more than 58 hours a week, while the average women works 57 hours a week.

LOS ANGELES – How much would you pay for a Lakers jersey autographed by Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant? What if it’s 32- feet-tall and 20-feet-wide and big enough to hold six Shaqs? A giant jersey fitting those specs will be auctioned off online next week (Dec. 5) with proceeds going to charity.

LONDON – Queen Elizabeth and hubby Prince Phillip got a peek at some other family jewels yesterday when they attended a benefit performance of The Full Monty for the annual Royal Variety Performance. Also in attendance were Jennifer Lopez, Cher, and Craig David.

LONDON – According to Emma “Baby Spice” Bunton, the Spice Girls may reunite for a concert tour – but without Ginger Spice.