BOCA RATON, Fla. (Wireless Flash) – Hot coffee was the weapon of choice for a robber who recently held up a Dunkin Donuts in south Florida. The man hurled the hot coffee at the clerk before snatching cash from the drawer and is thought to have robbed at least six other businesses in the same manner.

MALIBU, Calif. – The last nudist resort in Los Angeles county has closed its doors because they’ve run out of money.

BERLIN – A car recycling center in Berlin is offering folks a new form of therapy: smashing cars with a sledgehammer for $2 per 10 minutes. The owner says it’s a great stress reliever and claims most people walk away with a smile on their face.

DENVER – Mail-Well Inc., the world’s largest envelope maker, says it has received more than two million orders for its new anti-anthrax safety envelopes. The envelopes have a clear window at the bottom, in addition to the address window, so postal workers can see the contents of the letter better.

BORDEAUX, France – Sibling rivalry goes beyond the grave: A 7-year-old French girl was crushed to death by a stone cross that fell off her dead brother’s tombstone while she and her family visited his grave. The brother died as a baby eight years ago.

SYDNEY – Aussie music buffs are calling it the “Natalie Imbruglia imbroglio.” The “Torn” singer’s new CD, White Lillies Island, can’t play in many DVD and CD players because of the disc’s faulty copyright protection technology.

BEIJING – It’s a sign of bad times in Beijing. The world’s largest billboard is set to be torn down because no one can see it. The 900- yard by 135-yard billboard has never had a single advertiser because it’s located in an area shrouded in fog all year round.

PALMERSTON, N.Z. – A New Zealand mechanic has pled guilty over sending three “anthrax hoax” letters – but with an explanation. He claims the prank was a political statement he came up with after drinking 18 cans of beer.

TSUYAMA, Japan – A teenage girl in Tsuyama, Japan, got more than she bargained for in a bowl of miso soup she ordered in a restaurant: She also got a hypodermic needle. Health officials believe the needle was broken off during a vaccination of a pig.

KUALA LUMPUR – The Malaysian premiere of the Harry Potter movie was delayed Wednesday due to the death of Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah. The film will open in theaters today, when theaters re-open following a two- day mouring period.