BLOOMFIELD HILLS, Mich. (Wireless Flash) – Eat this, Martha Stewart: A new poll shows 75 percent of cooks ask mom for advice on cooking Thanksgiving dinner, compared to only 7 percent who get tips from Martha.

NEW YORK – The force won’t be with George Lucas once he finishes his next Star Wars movie. The sci-fi god tells TV Guide there’s no truth to rumors he’ll be doing another Star Wars trilogy once he’s finished up with Episode III.

NEW YORK – George W. and Laura Bush are the celebrity guests most folks would want at their Thanksgiving table, according to a new poll by HomeStyle magazine. Also desired as holiday diners are Rudy Giuliani, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston and make-believe mob man Tony Soprano.

UPPER PROVIDENCE, Penn. – A Pennsylvania woman got more than she bargained for in a can of Campbell’s tomato juice. She claims she found a mouse carcass and mouse droppings inside the container.

NEW YORK – Dining is evidently a stimulating experience for Dark Angel star Jessica Alba and fiance Michael Weatherly. The New York Post says the two were spotted sneaking off to the bathroom for a “lingering liaison” during a recent dinner party.

EDINBURGH, Scotland – The story of Jesus’ birth is getting a modern spin at a Scottish school’s Christmas pageant. The production will depict Mary as a modern-day pregnant teen and the Three Wise Men will bring baby Jesus a Playstation, Reeboks and a chocolate cake.

DUNCAN, Vancouver Island – A foolhardy thief who recently broke into a Canadian radar station was exposed to large levels of microwave energy. Now, police are trying to find the man so they can warn him the exposure may have been harmful to his eyes and testicles.

LONDON – A London designer has created a line of self-assembling origami clothing that will be dispensed from vending machines. The disposable T- shirts, dresses, bags and skirts will sell for around $15.

NEW YORK – Cigarette maker Philip Morris hopes to be changing the name of its company at next April’s shareholder meeting. The anticipated name would be “Altria” – a word derived from the Latin word altus meaning “high.”