MANILA, Philippines (Wireless Flash) – Imelda Marcos’ famed shoe collection is getting the boot from the museum that’s displaying it. The 1500 pairs of pumps have been dumped because the museum moved to a new location in Manila.

NEW YORK – Did Sean “Puffy” Combs try to horn in on ex- girlfriend Jennifer Lopez’s honeymoon? New York Daily News columnist Mitchell Fink reports the rap impresario tried to book a room right next to the suite where Lopez and her new hubby were staying in Miami Beach.

NEW YORK – The Canadian Foreign Minister says he’s not amused by a recent West Wing episode where a suspected terrorist enters the U.S. from Canada. He says contrary to widespread belief none of the Sept. 11 hijackers came from Canada, and the show offers a geographical impossibility claiming a border between Vermont and Ontario exist.

BACAU COUNTY, Romania – Talk about a baby boom: A 45-year-old Romanian woman who’s given birth to 20 children is pregnant again. The fertile lady lives with 30 family members in a two-bedroom apartment and says she’s “not ashamed” to have so many offspring.

NEW YORK – Here’s to you, Mrs. Robinson: You’re headed to Broadway. A stage play based on the 1967 movie The Graduate will hit the Great White Way next March, with Kathleen Turner as the sexy Mrs. Robinson and American Pie star Jason Biggs as her college boy lover.

INDIANAPOLIS – It took 83 years, but 105-year-old World War I veteran Gustave Streeter is finally getting a Purple Heart. Tomorrow (Nov. 8), the Indianapolis centenarian will be presented with the award for his heroic efforts after being wounded in France.

BHUBANESHWAR, India – A villager in India who bares a striking resemblance to Osama bin Laden has been chased out of town after he started to draw crowds. The man is identified as being 45 years old with a slim build and flowing beard.

KEY LARGO – Pro-active citizens in Key Largo, Florida, recently tried to stop a carjacker by hurling bricks and even a bicycle at the SUV he stole. Calls flooded police telephone lines with residents recommending cops set up road blocks and raise drawbridges to stop him.

OSLO – The September 11 attacks are leaving a lot of Norwegian trolls without a home. Ny Form Productions, the Oslo-based company that makes troll figurines, says sales have crashed ever since the WTC attacks and 18 trollmakers have been laid off.

ROME – A French philosopher is arousing controversy with his sexy proposals for fighting the Taliban. Michel Houellebecq believes in “corrupting Muslims rather than killing them” by bombarding them with “mini-skirts and ear-rings.” As a result, some European-based Muslim groups are threatening him with legal action.