NEW YORK – (Wireless Flash) – Ed McMahon isn’t going to let terrorism stop him from traveling cross-country for his new PAX-TV variety show Next Big Star. In fact McMahon asks TV Guide to pass on this message to Osama bin Laden: “Screw you. You’re not going to get me down.”

ITABORAI, Brazil – Two chickens named after George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden have become best friends on a Brazilian farm. The farmer who owns the two cocks says the American-born George doesn’t get along with any other chickens except for the Afghanistan-bred Osama.

NASHVILLE – You’ve heard of monster trucks – well, country singer Joe Diffie has a “Monster Limo.” He’ll be tooling around in the stretched-out Ford 350 with 46.5 inch tires to promote his new album, In Another World, in Nashville November 5, 6 and 7.

LA CROSSE, Wisc. – Here’s a reminder to look before you strip: A La Crosse, Wisconsin, man has been arrested for running around naked in front of the wrong house. The 23-year-old was trying to pull a prank on his friends but only realized he was at the wrong house after stripping down.

BRISTOL, England – A British-based company is offering insurance against attacks by ghosts, werewolves or aliens. The policies by Ultraviolet will pay out up to $150,000 for death, injury or damage caused by a paranormal creature.

NEW YORK – It seems Jeff Bridges doesn’t mind the taste of banana peels. In the new movie K-PAX his co-star Kevin Spacey plays an alien who takes a bite out of a banana peel. Bridges confesses in the privacy of his trailer he too took a sample of peel and says “it wasn’t bad.”

LONDON – A man who sails his Edwardian tricycle-turned-catamaran down the River Thames has just been named Best British Eccentric 2001. He beat out other eccentrics such as the world toe-wrestling champion and a man who dresses like a baked bean.

ATHENS – Greek professors at Athen’s Geoponic University have found a way to make fish kept in tanks more tasty. After 10 years of research they found customizing water tank color to the species and providing “play time” in the tanks makes them more tasty.

LOS ANGELES – Would you pay $40,000 to win a date with Charlize Theron? One unknown person recently did in an online auction at chivas.com. Charlize donated herself to benefit her favorite charity: The South African Chindren’s Charity Project.

WAUKEGAN, Ill. – Alfred Hitchcock fans may consider this a psycho idea but slot machines based on the famed director’s films, The Birds, Saboteur, Vertigo and Psycho will soon be available to casinos.