TOKYO (Wireless Flash) – A Japanese bra maker will launch a new line of metal-free bras in December in response to heightened security measures at airports. The so-called Frequent Flyers’ Bras use non-magnetic metal hooks that won’t set off metal detectors.

LONDON – Looks like England’s Prince William is the man who wouldn’t be king. According to a new book, William, The Rebel Prince, the royal heir has told his pop, Prince Charles, he doesn’t want to be king and the throne should be handed over to younger brother Harry.

NEW YORK – Destiny’s Child will release an album of holiday tunes called 8 Days of Christmas on Columbia Records. The album includes the holiday standards “O’ Holy Night” and “Silent Night” as well as new tunes co-written by the group’s Beyonce Knowles.

PARIS – Paris is going to the dogs thanks to Parisians who are too lazy to pick up their pooch’s poop. The 16 tons of mess made every day has forced city officials to set up special deposit boxes, but few think that dog owners will use them.

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone – Sierra Leone police are trying to find a 50- carat diamond removed from the intestines of a miner who accidently swallowed it. Officials think the doctor who performed the removal surgery may have an idea.

PHILADELPHIA – Can a book be a threat to airplane security? Officials at Philadelphia’s airport think so: They recently prevented a man from flying because his bag contained a book which had sticks of dynamite pictured on the cover.

MODENA, Italy – Pavarotti has reason to sing: An Italian court has acquitted him of charges of filing false tax returns. The big-voiced opera singer would have faced up to three years in jail if found guilty.

NEW YORK – Kermit the Frog can help people pay their bills. The Muppet will appear on a new set of checks being issued by Custom Direct early next year.

MANILA, Philippines – Officials in Manila, Philippines, are banning salesmen from hospitals and clinics because they loiter in the hallways trying to sell funeral packages to family members of terminal patients. Violators of the ordinance would be fined $20.

LONDON – The Tower of London – alleged home to the ghosts of Sir Walter Raleigh, two wives of Henry the VIII and other spooks – will soon be under ghost watch. BBCAmerica.com will host live internet feeds of ghost hot spots around the tower on October 26 and 27.