LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – Britney Spears is singing the flu blues. The pop princess has postponed the start of her U.S. tour because of a bout with the flu. Her first show will now take place on October 31 in Washington, D.C.

WASHINGTON – A former Soviet germ warfare expert now living in the U.S. told a congressional council yesterday that folks fearing anthrax letters can protect themselves simply by ironing their letters. The expert says a steam iron will kill even the peskiest spores.

ST. LOUIS – Rock ‘n’ roll pioneer Chuck Berry turns 75 today, and while he’s getting up there in age, he doesn’t plan to put his guitar down anytime soon. In fact, he hopes he dies with a guitar in his arms.

LONDON – Tampons are being blamed for the latest anthrax scare – this time in Slovakia. Police received dozens of calls after 70,000 Maxi-Pad brand tampons were mailed to women as part of a free giveaway.

AUSTIN, Texas – A team of army paratroopers caused panic when they landed at an Austin, Texas, high school as part of a recruitment drive. The Austin American Statesmen reports hundreds of local residents dialed 911, fearing an enemy invasion.

NEW YORK – Talk show host Jerry Springer will replace Dick Cavett as the narrator in the revamped production of The Rocky Horror Show due to open on Broadway on October 30. Springer says he played the part 20 years ago in Cincinnati and claims there’s little difference in the Rocky Horror characters and his own talk show guests.

LOS ANGELES – Actress Tiffani Thiessen will be tying the knot with her former co-star Richard Ruccolo of Two Guys and a Girl. Over the years Thiessen has dated former Saved by the Bell co-star Mark- Paul Gosselaar and former 90210 co-star Brian Austin Green

KUALA LUMPUR – Newlyweds in Malaysia threw a bottle of acid on a 17-year- old Peeping Tom they caught peering through their bedroom window. The boy suffered chemical burns on his body.

NEW YORK – Rapper Jay-Z plead guilty yesterday to stabbing a record producer in a New York night club almost 2 years ago. Prosecutors told him they would seek only a three-year jail sentence rather than a 15-year sentence if he copped the plea.

MADRID, Spain – The Spanish health minister is being criticized by political leaders for likening anthrax to the flu. In the minister’s defense, American doctors compare the symptoms to the flu and recommend treating it with antibiotics.