LONDON (Wireless Flash) – Paul McCartney shares an intimate moment with his fans on his upcoming album, Driving Rain: The cover shows his face just as he’s urinating. MTV Asia is reporting the former Beatle took the picture himself using a tiny camera built into his watch.

MCALLEN, Texas – Folks who want to take a whack at Osama bin Laden should look no further than McAllen, Texas, where a company has started selling pinatas in the likeness of the terrorist mastermind.

TRIMULGHERRY, India – Indian military nurses are angry they’re being asked to go to work clad only in lab coats. Currently, nurses are allowed to wear slacks and a shirt under their coats. They’re filing a complaint to stop the new dress code.

TORONTO – A Canadian charity which included carrot seeds inside a recent mail-out caused a rash of panic from recipients who thought the letters might contain anthrax. Dozens of people reported the letters from World Vision Canada as “suspicious packages.”

LOS ANGELES – The producers of the CBS show Wolf Lake are going to extremes to attract Sci-Fi nerds – they’re using a pick-up truck on an upcoming episode that was also used in the canceled Fox series, Lone Gunman. The idea is to see how many fans recognize the truck.

AUCKLAND, N.Z. – New Zealand could be a great place to be a bug. The country’s Department of Conservation is asking locals not to kill any spiders, snails or worms because too many native creepy-crawlies are being killed off by introduced pests.

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. – First there was purple ketchup – now there’s pink and blue margarine. Parkay margarine hopes to spread into the kiddie market with the bizarre shades.

ROSWELL, Ga. – Some Americans want public toilets to be more like jails. According to the Kimberly Clark toilet paper company, 6 percent think toilets should be equipped with alarms that go off if someone leaves without washing their hands.

BERLIN – Illusionist David Copperfield says he’s been bombarded with requests for lottery numbers after correctly predicting Germany’s national lottery on Saturday. The numbers were selected and sealed on Feb. 17 and weren’t revealed until an hour after the drawing. He claims “it wasn’t a trick,” but instead is a “mental exercise.”

BERLIN – Chemical and biological hazard experts in Chemnitz, Germany, were called in when a man received a package from the United States marked “gift” – the German word for poison. The alert was called off when one bright officer realized that “gift” was also an English word. Only a poster was found inside.