LONDON (Wireless Flash) – Sales of rubber duckies are soaring in England on the heels of a tabloid report claiming the Queen bathes with one. One manufacturer has rushed 80,000 plastic quackers to stores to satisfy the demand.

LOS ANGELES – Bad news for Stevie Wonder: His ex-girlfriend is suing him for $30 million in a palimony suit that, among other things, claims the singer gave her herpes during a sexual encounter last year.

NEW YORK – George W. Bush: Michael Jackson’s new best friend? The New York Post reports Jacko is telling pals that he and the Prez have been “bonding” over the recent terrorist attacks.

LOS ANGELES – A London-based ballet troupe is planning to tackle the Johnny Depp fantasy flick Edward Scissorhands as its next ballet. The big question remains: How will dancers avoid getting hurt when the knife-fingered main character starts pirouetting?

SANTIAGO, Chile – A retired lap-dancer almost took up her G-string again to protest a bank’s repossession of her apartment. The Chilean woman threatened she’d strip in the auction room where her home was being sold, but didn’t have to go through with the disrobing in the end since no one wanted to buy the place.

STOCKHOLM – A website called getsomereal.com is encouraging people to create websites with adult pornographic names which contain nothing but squeaky clean images. It’s the company’s way of counteracting the raunchy side of the Internet.

LONDON – A British cop made a gallant rescue of a suicidal man by leaping off a cliff and catching the man in mid-air by the scruff of his neck before he fell to the rocks below. The constable was wearing a harness when he leapt, and both men survived.

OSLO – A 46-year-old Norwegian man who robbed a post office while concealing his face with a pair of old underwear has been caught. Police arrested him after finding his wife’s name and their address on the back of the demand note he used.

DUBLIN – A 200-year-old metal box believed to be a time capsule has been found at a Dublin excavation site. A museum expert says it probably contains old coins and a newspaper, but the world won’t know the contents until later this week.

WAITAKERE CITY, N.Z. – Juvenile delinquents in Waitakere City, New Zealand, are making designs on designer clothes. Officials say local teenagers are robbing each other for top fashion brands. In one incident, two 15-year- old boys ran home in only their boxer shorts after being stripped of at least $165 worth of clothing.