NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – The World Trade Center may not exist anymore, but the site where the Twin Towers once stood continues to be a tourist attraction. Tourists have been coming by the dozens to view the remains, and some even taking pieces of the wreckage as souvenirs.

ASHLAND, Ore. – Anti-war protestors in Ashland, Oregon, recently marched down the streets buck naked holding signs that said “Buns not Bombs.”

LOS ANGELES – Yusuf Islam, a.k.a. Cat Stevens, says he will donate a major portion of the royalties from an upcoming U.S. release to victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks. The “Peace Train” singer, who converted to Islam in 1977, says, “I feel this is my duty.”

LOS ANGELES – More legal woes for Bob Barker. The Price is Right host is being sued by two more of his female employees. The two women say they were wrongfully terminated after giving testimony in a suit brought against Barker by a former Price Is Right model who claimed she was fired for being “too fat and too old.”

HOLLYWOOD – Former Pulp Fiction buddies John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson may reunite for an upcoming military thriller titled Basic.

TOKYO – Crime doesn’t pay – especially when you’re forging police handbooks. Japanese police recently arrested two men who were forging law enforcement handbooks and selling them for $16,000 a pop.

BIRMINGHAM – A cat in Birmingham, England, isn’t letting the terrorist situation stop him from traveling. Tom the Tabby recently traveled 160 miles to Devon. It was the sixth time in 18 months that Tom has disappeared. Experts don’t think the cat has wanderlust, just a bad habit of climbing into cars.

GREENVILLE, Ohio – An Elvis Presley impersonator in Greenville, Ohio, has been booked for assault after allegedly punching a nursing home employee in the face. The King clone was supposedly all shook up because he didn’t get paid for performing at the home.

SYDNEY, Australia – An Australian pot poll suggests that outlawing marijuana does little to prevent use – but hating the feeling of being stoned does. According to the New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics, only 10 percent of Aussies avoid pot because it’s illegal but 47 percent say they don’t partake simply because “they don’t like it.”

MARLBOROUGH, N.Z. – Winemaking is getting crappier in New Zealand. Scientists at the Marlborough Research Centre are trying to improve the grape crop using raw sewage as fertilizer.