KARACHI, Pakistan (Wireless Flash) – Oh what a wicked web we weave: A man in Karachi, Pakistan, has just registered the domain name, osamabinladen.com. The website is still under construction so there’s no word on whether Bin Laden’s involved with it and whether or not it will be pro-terrorist.

LAS VEGAS – The terrorist attack continues to have international repercussions. Las Vegas-based animal trainers Siegfried and Roy were scheduled to pick up an award in Germany tomorrow (Sept. 20) but have canceled the trip out of respect to the victims.

ANJO, Japan – Police in Anjo, Japan, have arrested a 25-year-old bulimic suspected of dumping more than a ton of vomit on city streets in the past year. The woman was caught disposing of three bags containing 66 pounds of the stuff.

NEW YORK – A New York-based electronica group has changed its name from “I Am the World Trade Center” to “I Am the...” in the aftermath of the WTC destruction.

NEW YORK – Bookstores across the country are reporting a significant increase in sales – especially books pertaining to Middle Eastern studies, 16th century doomsday astrologer Nostradamus, and biological warfare.

NEW YORK – Actress Kathleen Turner recently lent a hand to the emergency efforts in New York city, volunteering at a local hospital and bringing supplies to a triage center, the New York Post reports.

CRESTVIEW, Florida – Country star Joe Diffie did his bit for the Red Cross this past weekend and helped Tracy Byrd in the process. Byrd was scheduled to headline a Red Cross benefit in Crestview, Florida, but was stranded in Hawaii. So Diffie drove down from Nashville to fill in for his pal.

VERO BEACH, Fla. – Investigators are currently probing the FlightSafety International school in Vero Beach, Florida, to see if any of terrorists were students there. The school is best known as the place where John F. Kennedy, Jr. took his flying lessons.

GRIMES COUNTY, Texas – The phrase, “Smoke ’em if you got ’em” is taken on a whole new meeting in Grimes County, Texas, where a jailer was arrested recently for allowing a female inmate to perform nude dances for him in exchange for cigarettes.

HUA HIN, Thailand – Score one for Jumbo: Nepal tromped its way to victory in the first-ever international elephant polo tournament in Thailand last Sunday. Thailand’s team came in second.