LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – Could wedding bells soon be ringing for Ally McBeal star Calista Flockhart and funnyman Garry Shandling? Star magazine is reporting the twosome are set to get hitched sometime next year.

MILWAUKEE – A Wisconsin teacher may lose his job because of a homemade X- rated tape featuring two students having sex. The teacher was arrested after he asked another colleague to make a copy of the kinky videocassette.

LOS ANGELES – Pop singer Whitney Houston’s spokeswoman is denying rumors that the diva has died of an overdose. While the source of the rumors is unknown, the spokeswoman said yesterday, “It’s a very, very bad rumor that happened at a very, very bad time.”

BOSTON – Tara Reid struck out in more ways than one at a recent charity softball game in Boston. The National Enquirer reports the American Pie cutie was hitting on actor Matt Damon, who turned her down cold.

HARARE, Zimbabwe – Zimbabwe medical authorities are giving new meaning to the phrase “burn rubber.” They’re incinerating nine million condoms deemed defective. Authorities say the prophylactic purge will take two weeks.

NEW YORK – It’s splitsville for Planet Of The Apes director Tim Burton and longtime gal pal Lisa Marie. Burton tells gossip columnist Liz Smith, “Lisa is a great woman, but we are going our separate ways now.”

BELVIDERE, Ill. – A 77-year-old female employee of a packing plant in Belvidere, Illinois, has been recognized for working 60 years straight without calling in sick. Although Rita Ohlsen has taken time off from work over the years, she’s worked more than 12,000 days without a sick day.

BEIJING – Bugged by snakes and frogs? Well, farmers in Gulao, China, can’t get enough. In fact, they desperately need 5000 snakes, 20,000 sparrows and 200,000 frogs to fight off a swarm of locusts.

BETHESDA, Md. – America’s terrorist attacks aren’t just affecting travelers, they’re also forcing the Travel Channel to postpone the premiere of a documentary on Jordan and yank broadcasts of Where Disasters Happen 1 and 2, and Secrets Of Travel Survival: Without Warning.

BANGKOK – The World Trade Center attack has inspired some morbid mobile phone users in Bangkok, Thailand, to download photos of the tragedy onto their mobile phones. The most popular pics so far show the second plane hitting the World Trade Center and the towers collapsing.