BROOKFIELD, Pa. (Wireless Flash) – A Pennsylvania man is suing the owners of a 600 pound pig which bit him while he was in the woods behind his house. The swine – called “Piggybaby” – wasn’t supposed to be roaming free.

LOS ANGELES – Talk about Oscar gold: An Oscar won by the composer of the 1945 musical Anchors Aweigh fetched more than seven times the expected amount at a recent auction. An anonymous bidder plunked down more than $150,000 for the statuette.

EDINBURGH, Scotland – Maybe Macbeth was on to something: Witchcraft is on the rise in Scotland, with more than 10,000 practitioners at last count, reports Britain’s The Sunday Times.

SOUTHAMPTON, N.Y. – New York-based celebrity publicist Lizzie Grubman has pleaded innocent to charges stemming from a July 7 car crash. Grubman is accused of intentionally backing her SUV into club-goers at a tony bar in the Hamptons.

LONDON – 60-year-old Dallas star Linda Gray says she has no qualms about stripping down for a nude scene in the London stage play based on the 1967 film, The Graduate. Gray will play the “Mrs. Robinson” role made famous by Anne Bancroft.

REVERE, Mass. – A senior citizen couple has made a dream come true by being wed at the McDonald’s restaurant where they first met 20 years ago. The 82-year-old groom and his 75-year-old bride dined on fries and Chicken McNuggets following the ceremony.

PARIS – A Paris court has rejected a lawsuit filed by Les Miserables author Victor Hugo’s great-great-grandson to prevent the writing of a contemporary sequel to the book. Pierre Hugo had claimed a new novel would break a French law protecting the integrity of art and fictional characters.

LOS ANGELES – Following the World Trade Center collapse, the hip-hop group The Coup pulled the artwork for their new album cover, which depicts the group detonating a bomb which explodes the WTC. The group says they changed the artwork as soon as they saw the disaster.

LOS ANGELES – Comic Paula Poundstone pleaded no contest to child endangerment charges yesterday after prosecutors dropped sex charges against her in a deal to spare her prison time. In a statement, the 41-year-old comic said, “Today, the truth prevailed.”