ST. PAUL, Minn. (Wireless Flash) – Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura is declaring September 12 to be “Loni Anderson Day” in honor of the WKRP In Cincinnati star. Anderson is a native of St. Paul, Minnesota.

NEW YORK – Some music critics will be groaning “oh no, Yoko” on October 9. That’s when Yoko Ono will be releasing a new album, Blueprint For A Sunrise.

LOS ANGELES – Metal band Slayer rocked the dead last night, performing a show at the Hollywood cemetery where Douglas Fairbanks and Tyrone Power are buried. The dead mans’ party was a stunt to promote today’s release of their new album, God Hates Us All.

LONDON – Some male strippers in London have insured their penises for $1.5 million as protection against the groping hands of their female audiences. The policy taken out for the lads in the “Dreamboys” nude review protects against “total and permanent loss of erection occasioned by accidental injury.”

BEIJING – Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle: A four-year-old Chinese boy was almost pulled into the cage of a chimpanzee at a zoo in Eastern China while trying to feed the animal. Zoo officials got into a 10- minute tug of war with the chimp over the boy before wrestling the tot away.

PHILADELPHIA – Former world boxing champ Sugar Ray Leonard will be heading to Philadelphia – the City of Brotherly Gloves – for a boxing stunt next month. Leonard will stand in front of the Rocky Statue to announce fighters coming to Philly during televised fights.

LONDON – Britain’s 101-year-old Queen Mum says she’s “amused” by premature rumors of her demise after undergoing medical tests on September 1. Her aide told British newspapers she is “determined to show her public that [the rumors] were 100 percent untrue.”

NEW YORK – What do pro-tennis players eat before a big match? The catering services for tennis events report Pete Sampras loves pasta, bananas and water; the Williams sisters chow on yogurt, potato chips, fruit and salad; and Jennifer Capriati prefers pasta and smoothies.

NEW YORK – It doesn’t pay to travel to New York, the world’s most expensive city for business travel. According to Runzheimer International, it costs $457 a day to stay in New York. By comparison, it only costs $133 to stay in London, Canada.

LOUISVILLE, KY. – A lot of Americans are in love with breasts – at least where chicken is concerned. According to a poultry poll by KFC, 48 percent of Americans say the breast is their favorite piece of meat, while 18 percent prefer the leg.