PARNU, Estonia (Wireless Flash) – A man who is believed to have the biggest penis in Estonia has failed in his attempt to set a world record for satisfying women. The 21-year-old attempted to have sex with 100 women over just three days, but pooped out after just 27 partners.

CAMBRIDGE, Ohio – An Ohio judge has sentenced a young man to four hours of listening to polka music after the teen was caught blaring loud rock music from his car speakers.

OTTAWA, Canada – Canadian sailors may soon be banned from wearing beards because they pose a safety risk. Naval officials in Ottawa are concerned the facial hair may interfere with respirators that are worn during emergency situations.

CLEVELAND – Bad news for tattlers like Liz Smith: A Cleveland rabbi has just launched an anti-gossip campaign to stop folks from dishing about their neighbors. The campaign plans to use TV, billboards and celebrity endorsements to stop the gossips.

NEW YORK – Overwhelming fan demand is forcing rapper Jay-Z to release his new album two weeks earlier than planned. The new disc, The Blueprint, will hit stores September 11.

LONDON – Following the news she’s splitting with her hubby of three years, Kate Winslet says “there’s no malice” between the couple and they are “communicating constantly.” She also says she finds the split from the husband of her child “extremely sad.”

LONDON – British explorer David Hempleman Adams sets off today (Sep. 5) for a solo hot-air balloon flight across Mt. Everest. Adams was inspired after climbing the world’s highest peak in 1993.

LONDON – A 31-year-old British man has set a new worlds record by swallowing 97 oysters in three minutes. After the contest, the new record holder still had room for a candy bar. The previous record was set last year by a London man who ate 64.

MIAMI – The animal rights activist group PETA has pulled a planned ad campaign blaming the surge of shark attacks on humans. The group yanked the ads because they feared they’d be bitten back by public opinion after the two most recent maulings.

LOS ANGELES – 44-year-old actress Geena Davis was married over the weekend to her 30-year-old surgeon boyfriend. Saturday’s private ceremony in Long Island, New York, makes marriage number four for Davis.