LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) – Is Cameron Diaz singing the baby blues? Star magazine reports the lanky beauty is eager to get pregnant by her actor beau Jared Leto. The only problem: Leto has nixed her maternity plans by saying he’s not ready to be a papa.

NEW DELHI, India – Doctors in India recently removed a complete human jaw from the chest of a six-year-old girl. The girl was in surgery for the removal of a tumor when docs discovered the jaw growing in her chest – complete with teeth and a tongue.

LONDON – Waif model prototype Twiggy says she’s happy she’s finally outgrown her fashionably flat-chested frame. The 1960s icon – who is now 51 – tells the October issue of Prima magazine she’s glad to have “boobs” for the first time in her life.

DETROIT – Aaliyah’s alma mater will soon have a scholarship in her name. An organization called Operation Get Down will offer the memorial fund to students who attend the Detroit High School for the Fine and Performing Arts, where Aaliyah graduated.

BANGKOK, Thailand – Chinese restaurants in Bangkok have filed a $2.3 million lawsuit against a conservation group which claims shark fins used in their soup contain mercury. The restaurants claim sales have dropped 50 percent since the group started their campaign against shark fin soup.

LONDON – Sex Pistols singer Johnny Rotten’s “Anarchy” T-shirt will be up for auction next month at Sotheby’s. The shirt is estimated to sell for over $4,000 dollars.

LONDON – A new survey estimates 62,000 cell phones were left behind in London cabs during the first six months of this year. Other unique things left behind include a gold fish in a water-filled bag, a suitcase full of diamonds, and a little girl.

NEW YORK – Tom Cruise may not be the only talented actor in the family – his cousin, William Mapother, is getting ready for his first major role in a new indie film, The Bedroom. However, Mapother’s biggest talent may be for keeping a secret. Sources who worked on the film say they had no idea Mapother was Cruise’s cousin until after filming was complete.

EDINBURGH – A magic wand would have come in handy while filming a scene for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. A train used in the filming became jammed against a platform at a tiny railway station in the Scottish Highlands and wouldn’t budge until workers took apart the platform plank by plank.