CALGARY, Alberta (Wireless Flash) – When you gotta go, you gotta go: A Cessna pilot was so desperate to go to the toilet that he leaped out of his plane and relieved himself on the runway moments after landing at Calgary International Airport.

NEW YORK – Some fans of NYPD Blue will probably have very red eyes starting today. 30 couch potatoes are gathering in an arcade off Times Square to set a world record by watching as many episodes of the show as possible in one sitting – not counting bathroom breaks. Court TV is sponsoring the stunt.

NICOSIA, Cyprus – A businessman in Cyprus is facing jail time following a stunt in which he forced an endangered donkey to water-ski. Veterinary officials say the rare donkey is now recovering from the shock of being tied to a raft that was towed by speedboat for several minutes.

NEW YORK – Aaliyah may be dead but she hasn’t been forgotten. In fact, Vibe magazine is rushing out a special tribute to the singer that will hit stands October 1. Aaliyah also appeared on the magazine’s August issue and was quoted as saying, “I feel very fulfilled and complete.”

LONDON – Looks like Prince Charles has a saucy side he’d like to reveal. On Tuesday, the Prince of Wales will pose with 80 women clad in just their bras for a photo to promote a breast cancer charity.

LONDON – Marlon Brando – rock star?!? The London Sun tabloid is reporting Michael Jackson has cast the Godfather actor in the video for his new single, “You Rock My World.”

LOS ANGELES – That’s Life star Heather Paige Kent will soon be singing her own praises – or at least her own theme song. When the CBS series makes its season debut September 21, it will feature a new theme song, “Learnin’ As I Go,” sung by the actress.

STOCKPORT, England – An outbreak of noisy nookie has residents of an English town up in arms. Residents of Stockport, Manchester, have filed complaints over headboard-cracking moans and groans and amorous couples are now being ordered to tone it down.

MIAMI – A caviar-sniffing dog recently caught a trio of Russian caviar smugglers who were trying to lug 100 pounds of the stuff into the U.S. The Miami Herald reports that the beagle nabbed the smugglers at Miami International Airport after they came off a flight from Zurich.

NEW DELHI – India is hoping to curb their more than 1 billion population by having couples be couch potatoes instead of copulating by making TV sets cheaper.