NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Tongues are wagging over rumors Britney Spears will sing a number on the MTV Video Music Awards in which she sounds like she’s “simulating an orgasm.” The New York Post reports MTV insiders believe Britney will “blow everyone’s mind” with her panting, moaning and grunting.

LONDON, Ontario – A bronze medal won by a Quebec track athlete who mooned spectators at the Canada Games has been recalled by officials who say Daniel Blouin’s butt-bearing behavior was poor sportsmanship.

LONDON – A collection of antique condoms is going up for sale on the British version of eBay. The prophylactics being sold by antiques dealer Alastair Jamieson expired 64 years ago and bear brand names like “Neverrip” and “Phantasma.”

NEW YORK – Monica Lewinsky’s taped conversations with Linda Tripp are being turned into a New York stage show. Two women dressed as the ex-intern and her antagonist speak lines of dialogue which came directly from the infamous tapes. The off-off-Broadway production is titled Snatches.

LONDON – Pearl Harbor star Josh Hartnett has a message for the media: “Shame on you.” The hottie actor tells BBC Radio he feels horrible about how the press is blasting his currently-in-rehab co-star Ben Affleck for his party boy ways.

LONDON – Liverpool, England, will be the home of a Beatles-themed hotel called “The Hard Day’s Night Hotel.” Rooms of the four-star hotel will be designed with Beatles murals, and it’s expected to be completed in 2003.

LOS ANGELES – Actor Robert Blake, whose wife was shot and murdered in May, has put their house on the market for more than $1 million. The 4,909- square-foot home has seven-bedrooms, six baths and is located in Studio City, California.

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – Talk about middle age spread: A new survey by iVillage.com shows the longer a couple stays married, the more likely they are to sleep in a bigger bed. The poll reveals 52 percent of couples slept on a full-sized bed when they first got married, but only 20 percent sleep on the same size today.

LONDON – Organizers of a cast reunion for the Agatha Christie play Mousetrap have a real mystery on their hands: How to track down all 324 actors who’ve appeared in the play over the past 50 years. They’re still clueless about 26 former cast members.

PRAGUE – Postal workers in the Czech city of Brno say they found a human arm and leg in a foul smelling package. Employees noticed the stench after it sat at the post office since August 20, and no one had yet claimed it.