BERLIN (Wireless Flash) – O brother! A legal battle has broken out over the big “O” – as in Oprah Winfrey’s magazine. A German man who publishes a latex fetish magazine called O Magazine is suing Oprah’s O magazine, claiming she’s using his trademarked “O.”

LONDON – Potty mouth rap star Eminem says everything he is doing right now is for his 5-year-old daughter Hailie. He says in an interview with Q magazine that the money he’s making is earmarked for her college tuition, and that anyone who takes his behavior and lyrics seriously is a bigger idiot and 10 times sicker than he is.

LOS ANGELES – Jennifer Aniston may not be pregnant but her Friends character definitely will be when the show’s next season kicks off. E! Online is reporting that the first episode will show Aniston’s “Rachel” character taking another pregnancy test which confirms she’s got a bun in the oven.

NEW YORK – Sean Puffy Combs never has to do the laundry – because he throws his outfits out immediately after wearing them. The New York Post reports Puffy recently corrected an Italian club owner who thought he recognized Puffy’s suit, saying “Man, that’s impossible – I throw all my clothes out after I wear them once.”

BANGKOK, Thailand – Cops in Thailand are getting instruction from killer cannibal Hannibal Lecter. The Bangkok Post reports officers will be shown The Silence Of the Lambs and other crime films to improve their crime scene investigation techniques.

NEW YORK – Ben Stiller is known as a funnyman, but he’s also got one heck of a temper. The comedian confesses to the upcoming GQ: “I definitely have that undercurrent – rage or whatever, it’s not hard for me to get in touch with anger.” Stiller also admits he lost his temper a few times on the set of his upcoming flick Zoolander, which he also directed and co-wrote.

WINCHESTER, VA. – Pieces of the airplane wreckage recovered in the crash that killed country singer Patsy Cline are going up for auction on eBay September 1. Two Tennessee brothers plan to sell the belly and tail of the plane starting at $50,000.

LONDON – Bono, lead singer of rock group U2 says he has been flying home to Dublin every night after the band’s concerts so he can visit with his dying father. At a weekend concert in London Bono dedicated the song “Kite” from their new album to his father Bob Hewson.

LOS ANGELES – The 14-room Beverly Hills mansion that Frank Sinatra called home for 15 years of his life is going up for sale for $12.5 million. Sinatra’s widow, Barbara, put the house up for sale after buying herself a new home nearby in June.