SIRT, Turkey (Wireless Flash) – A sex boycott organized by women in Sirt, Turkey seems to have paid off. The ladies are refusing to give their men any nookie until running water is restored to the village, and now it looks like the guys are on the verge of getting their pipes up and running.

LOS ANGELES – Future Darth Vader Hayden Christensen managed to stay under the radar of lookie-loos during a recent visit to Los Angeles. E! Online reports the new Star Wars star went completely unrecognized while cruising the Sunset Strip.

RAMSTAD, Norway – Talk about a baby genius: A three-year-old boy in Norway drove himself home from nursery school after his mother left him alone in a car with the keys in the ignition. The tot says his mom should have known not to leave the keys in the car.

CHICAGO – A team of University of Chicago archaeologists may have found the final resting place of Genghis Khan. The real-life Indiana Joneses say they’ve unearthed a walled burial ground 200 miles northeast of the Mongolian capital that appears to contain the graves of “people of upper status.”

NEW YORK – She may play an Italian mob princess on The Sopranos, but Jamie-Lynn Sigler is actually Cuban. And now, Latina magazine is recognizing her heritage by naming her an “Hispanic It Girl.”

NEW YORK – New Charmed star Rose McGowan thinks she has something to set her apart from other gals who’ve starred in Aaron Spelling’s shows: her days as a teenage runaway. “I’ll bet I’m the only Spelling babe to ever be homeless,” she cracks to TV Guide.

DUBLIN – Brutish Irish pop star Sinead O’Connor has just let the news leak that she was married in a secret ceremony to her journalist boyfriend several weeks ago in Ireland. Only a handful of close friends attended.

LONDON – Planet of the Apes director Tim Burton swears there will be no sequel to the summer blockbuster that leaves viewers waiting for more. He told Britain’s Independent newspaper he’d rather jump out of a window than do another sequel.

HOLLYWOOD – Pop stars Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez have agreed to perform at MTV’s 18th annual Video Music Awards on September 6. Spears will perform “I’m a Slave 4 U,” the first single off her upcoming third album, due in stores in November.

LONDON – Nearly 2000 ballet-goers were evacuated from London’s Royal Opera House last week after an exploding baked potato tripped a fire alarm backstage. Firefighters discovered a microwave with the remains of the potato in a backstage kitchenette.