REEFTON, New Zealand (Wireless Flash) – A 28-year-old New Zealand man was found drowned in his cat’s outdoor water bowl after he slipped on an icy ramp and knocked himself unconscious. His mother found him with his face lying in the shallow plastic bowl.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – Former Prince protege Appolonia is now using her voice for charity. Later this month, the former sex kitten will record a public service announcement for Whispering Winds Therapeutic Massage, a group that gives free rub-downs to terminally-ill patients.

HONG KONG – A Chinese entrepreneur is touting centipede-flavored wine as a cure for arthritis. The insect elixir is currently being peddled at a food expo in Hong Kong.

NEW YORK – How much does Michael Jackson love Whitney Houston’s voice? So much that – in his words – “She could sing the yellow pages and I would buy it.”

MADRID – 300 air passengers traveling from the Dominican Republic to Spain suffered through an 8-hour journey to hell after the charter plane’s toilets backed up and flight attendants refused to clean it up, claiming the mess wouldn’t affect customer safety. Trouble started aboard the Euro Atlantic Airways jet at take-off, when the toilets disgorged themselves and gushed their contents through the aisles.

MIDLAND, Mich. – Boy band O-Town left almost 5000 ticket holders high and dry at a Michigan county fair performance. The group took the stage 45 minutes before schedule, played without amplifiers, then left after just minutes. The band says they had to leave early to catch a plane to Germany.

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. – This year’s Miss America pageant is getting an update Survivor style. The 41 non-finalists will cast their votes to see who among the top 10 should “survive” into the top five category. The pageant will air on September 22

LOS ANGELES – Almost Famous star Kate Hudson is suing her former personal assistant claiming the woman secretly spent $63,000 of the actress’ money. Hudson claims Margaret Miller blew the dough on limousines, hotel rooms, clothes and other personal expenses.

NEW YORK – Actor Edward Norton will star in the film Red Dragon, the prequel to Silence of the Lambs. Anthony Hopkins, who played Hannibal Lecter in previous movies, is in final talks to return as the serial killer. The film is slated for a summer 2002 release.

NEW YORK – Homer Simpson will be living the high life this coming season – producers are planning an episode where the donut-loving dolt will get hooked on medical marijuana. The New York Post reports other scheduled episodes include a spoof on Erin Brockovich and vocal guest appearances by Richard Gere and Pierce Brosnan.