SANTIAGO, Chile (Wireless Flash) – Chilean men are going nuts for a line of crotchless panties named after Monica Lewinsky. The shopkeeper peddling the naughty intern undies says 85 percent of his sales are to men.

LOS ANGELES – The sculptor who created a new wax dummy of Angelina Jolie admits his hardest task was replicating her chest. Paul Barnes of the Hollywood Wax Museum says he had to go to meticulous lengths to create the perfectly-formed D-cups.

PARIS – Bjork isn’t a fat lady – but she’ll soon be singing like one. The quirky cutie-pie is starting a concert tour of opera houses August 18 at the Grand Rex in Paris. The Iceland native will be accompanied by a 54-piece orchestra and an Inuit choir.

LA GRANGE, Ga. – An Alabama woman was nearly buried alive in a landfill after falling asleep in a dumpster. Theresa Moorer was saved by a garbage truck driver who spotted her leg in the pile of garbage after he dumped his load. Amazingly, the woman emerged unhurt.

NORTH WILDWOOD, N.J. – New Jersey police are on the hunt for a 17-year- old girl wearing a $100 thong bikini – and it’s not just for kinks. The teen was trying on the skimpy bikini when she bolted from the store, taking the stolen property with her.

DULUTH, Minn. – Scientists are boggled by some strange clear globules that have been showing up in Lake Superior over the past few days. The transparent gelatinous spheres are about the size of a pea and, so far, biologists who’ve studied them can’t figure out what they are.

LOS ANGELES – Mark Wahlberg is going to have some legit metal heads backing him in the upcoming flick, Rock Star. The former rapper plays a metal god in the movie and will sing original tunes penned by Sammy Hagar and played by musicians from Ozzy Osbourne’s band and Dokken as well as Led Zeppelin offspring Jason Bonham.

ROTTERDAM, Netherlands – A tight labor market in the Netherlands has forced one company to seek nudists to work in its call center. An ad placed by the firm in a Dutch newspaper appeals to nudists by asking, “Haven’t you always wanted to work in the nude?” The company says it doesn’t matter what call center workers wear because they don’t interact with clients face-to-face.

NEW YORK – J-Lo, P-Diddy, Tupac Shakur, and Dr. Dre have received the honor of “MVP in Urban Music and Culture” given by Vibe magazine. The entire list will appear in Vibe’s September issue.

LONDON – The small village of Lost in Aberdeenshire, England, has lost their town sign. Townspeople say the town is small and fear without the sign travelers are likely to get even more lost. The town is appealing to the person who took the sign to return it.

Wed 08-08-01