NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Sugar Ray hunk Mark McGrath isn’t the party animal he used to be. The former wild boy confesses to Spin magazine that, these days, drinking just few a beers makes him sleepy and he wakes up with a hangover. “I want to party,” he says, “but at 33 my liver is starting to look like a piece of beef jerky.”

LOS ANGELES – Actress Sally Kirkland has a new job: Collecting endorsements for Rhoda star Valerie Harper in her bid for president of the Screen Actors Guild. Kirkland has gotten dozens of celebs to side with Harper, including Elliot Gould, Estelle Getty and Nancy Sinatra.

NEW YORK – Barbra Streisand has an unusual hobby: Taking pictures of her neighbors’ homes. The New York Daily News reports the diva is so fascinated by the architecture of her Malibu neighborhood that she sometimes knocks on neighbors’ doors and asks for permission to snap photographs of their homes.

BEIJING – The world’s most populated country could be getting bigger: A new report shows 30 percent of the condoms manufactured in China have holes in them.

ST. LOUIS, Mo. – “De plane Boss! De plane!” – The airplane that brought guests to the fictitious Fantasy Island is now for sale on eBay along with aircraft owned by John F. Kennedy Jr., and John Travolta for the “Celebrity Aircraft and Aviation Sale.”

LOS ANGELES – The on-again off-again WB TV show Felicity looks like it’s back on again. Production has just begun and will feature the cast in their senior year of college.

PHILADELPHIA – Detroit underground rap star, Esham, says he didn’t expect a fight to break out at the 2001 Warp Tour with his rival rap group D12. More than 30 of D12’s friends and bodyguards ambushed Esham leaving him hospitalized Friday night with a broken nose, ruptured eyeball and damaged ear drum.

NEW YORK – Harry Potter is coming to the rescue of the beleaguered British tourism industry. The New York Post reports the British Tourist Authority plans to publish a “Potter Map of Britain” to lure out-of- towners to sites mentioned in the book series.

LOS ANGELES – An interactive computer game based on the TV show Law & Order is due in stores by Winter 2002. Several characters from the show will also appear in the mystery-solving game.

NEW YORK – Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard will release a solo album next month entitled Bayleaf. The grunge axeman sings lead on seven of the album’s ten tracks.