PARIS (Wireless Flash) – The operators of the real Moulin Rouge think Christina Aguilera is giving their club a bad name. A spokesperson describes her skin-baring performance as a Moulin Rouge dancer in her “Lady Marmalade” video as “sleazy.” “Our club is not a sex club,” huffs the flak.

SANTA MONICA – Steve Martin – who memorably played a sadistic oral surgeon in Little Shop of Horrors – is doing the drill bit again. The actor will play a dentist in an upcoming crime thriller titled Novocaine.

TOKYO – Folks in Japan can now star in their own postage stamps. Personalized vanity stamps just went on sale at an exhibition in Tokyo, and sell for about $9 a sheet.

LONDON – It’s all a “Blur” for Fatboy Slim these days: He’s been tapped to produce tracks on the upcoming album by indie pop gods Blur.

SALT LAKE CITY – When parents attack: A Salt Lake City woman whose son hit the winning run in a youth league championship baseball game was beaten unconscious by two women who supported the losing team. The lethal fans used an umbrella and a folded-up stroller to hit, punch and poke the woman.

ASHBURTON, England – Elementary, my dear Watson: Fans of Sherlock Holmes are gathering at Dartmoor, the site of one of his most famous adventures. Cape-clad fans have come from as far away as Japan to celebrate the 100th anniversary of The Hound of the Baskervilles.

LONDON – Looks like Steven Spielberg may have some fresh material for a new Jurassic Park movie – A new species of plant-eating dinosaurs has been discovered in Madagascar. Scientists say the skeleton is completely intact, dates back 70 million years and has been named Rapetosaurus krausie.

PARIS – Makers of the latest Tomb Raider video game have issued an apology for a character bearing the same name and likeness of as a real French archeologist. The video game maker says the character will not appear in any future games.

MADRID, Spain – Over 13,000 mink have escaped from a farm in Madrid after an unknown person knocked over 80 yards of fencing. Although many were recaptured, officials are worried the animals still at large could damage the ecosystem.

MIDDLETOWN, Pa. – A three time winner of the Pennsylvania state lottery will receive his most recent windfall – $200,000 – later today. Joseph Hornick also won $2.5 million in 1989, and $68,000 in 1997.