BOCA RATON, Fla. (Wireless Flash) – The National Enquirer is reporting that just days before Chandra Levy disappeared, she had a knock-down, blow-out phone conversation with Gary Condit’s wife. The tabloid claims Chandra told Mrs. Condit her hubby was dumping her to start a new life with Levy.

NEW YORK – Mariah Carey has checked herself into a hospital and canceled all public appearances, claiming she’s suffering from “extreme exhaustion.” The high-living diva’s spokeswoman attributes the exhaustion to her round the clock work on her new album and two upcoming movies, Glitter and Wise Girls.

LOS ANGELES – Swingers star Jon Favreau has two new babies in his life – his new son and his new movie. On Wednesday, his wife gave birth to their new baby, Max, and today, his new film Made opens in 45 theaters across the U.S.

DANA POINT – When sandwiches attack: A California woman was recently arrested for allegedly smacking another lady on the head with a peanut butter sandwich. 36-year-old Sandra Guba denies the charges, and says the alleged victim probably smeared peanut butter on her own head to back up the phony claim.

DETROIT – Eminem may soon be coming to a movie theater near you. He’s working on a film loosely based on his life story that will start filming in September.

NEW YORK – Madonna’s hubby Guy Ritchie sure isn’t living in the material world. The New York Post reports Ritchie recently left a measly $7 tip on a $100 meal.

LEXINGTON, N.C. – Talk about a speed racer: A North Carolina driver was stopped for speeding three times in one day. Law enforcement officials later found out the man was driving a stolen car.

ENCINO, Calif. – Michael Jordan won’t come out of retirement if Americans have their say. According to e-Poll.com, 55 percent of Americans don’t care if Jordan makes a comeback and 50 percent think he should stay retired. It gets worse: If Jordan does come back, 40 percent don’t plan to watch him play.

LONDON – Paul McCartney and his 33-year-old sweetheart, Heather Mills, have announced they plan to marry some time next year. 59-year-old McCartney lost his wife Linda to breast cancer three years ago.

LONDON – The Mirror reports that the Queen Mother wants to be Britain’s oldest living person. However, the Queen Mum, who will turn 101 years old on August 4, may have some competition for the crown. Unofficial Guinness records says another British woman claims to be 113 years old.