JEFFERSON CITY, Mo (Wireless Flash) – Jamaican TV psychic “Miss Cleo” didn’t foresee this, mon: The Missouri attorney general has filed two suits against her hotline for bilking callers. “It doesn’t take a crystal ball to realize that ripping off consumers isn’t without consequences,” Attorney General Jay Nixon says.

EL PASO, Texas – They don’t make gunslingers like they used in Texas. Case in point: A 47-year-old El Paso man whose prosthetic arm fell off when he used it to point a BB gun at a bartender who wouldn’t serve him another drink. The “one-armed bandit” was arrested for his conduct.

LOS ANGELES – Comedian Jerry Lewis will be cutting back his hours at this years 36th Annual MDA Telethon on Labor Day due to health reasons. The 75 year old is currently recovering from a bout with pneumonia.

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. – Getting a raise may be as simple as putting a wedding ring on your finger. According to a study by Purdue University, married men earn 14 percent more than unmarried heterosexual men and nearly 16 percent more than gay men.

FLORENCE, Italy – Italian designers have created a shirt that rolls its sleeves up automatically when the wearer gets too warm. The supershirt is made from nylon and an alloy called nitinol which returns to its original shape when heated. The price tag on the high-tech top? $3750.

ISTANBUL, Turkey – A seaside cafe owner in Turkey has come up with a business plan that’s all wet – literally. In response to a recent heat wave, the man has moved his tables and chairs into the water. Business has been booming ever since.

SEREMBAN, Malaysia – The stars are really shining bright in Malaysia, where smut peddlers are selling mobile phone cases featuring nude pictures of celebs with genitals that light up everytime the phone rings. Police have recently seized several of the covers in raids.

SAN FRANCISCO – A team of California astronomers is scanning the skies for signs of alien life in the form of laser “beacons.” The scientists hope to identify pulses of light that may be coded signals from ETs hundreds of light years away.

HOLLYWOOD – Hank Azaria may have felt some deja-vu while recently filming the NBC Holocaust miniseries Uprising. He stars opposite Leelee Sobieski, who’s a dead ringer for his ex-wife Helen Hunt.

MONTREAL – Singer Celine Dion’s six month old son, Rene- Charles, was baptized in a Catholic christening yesterday that was attended by 250 friends and family members.