OSLO (Wireless Flash) – The term “burning rubber” is taking on new meaning in Oslo, Norway. Taxi drivers now carry condoms for customers. Norwegian health officials figured horny Nordics would be less embarrassed asking a cabby for a condom than about buying one in public.

LOS ANGELES – Charlie Sheen is parting ways with his hard-partying past by selling his 6000-square-foot “ultimate bachelor pad.” The Malibu Lake home has four bedrooms, a cigar room and a poker room, and is going for $4.5 million.

ANKARA, Turkey – Do virgins make better nurses? The health ministry of Turkey thinks so. Officials there have just passed law requiring all women studying to be nurses to be virgins. Those who aren’t chaste will be expelled.

BURNSVILLE, Minnesota – A serial “finger-licker” has been busted in Burnsville, Minnesota. Richard Lee Sanders – no relation to Colonel Sanders – is accused of approaching several women and sucking or licking their digits.

WICHITA – A father in Wichita, Kansas, is suing his wife to keep her from having their newborn son circumcised. Rodney Grisham, who has split from his wife over the issue, says he thinks circumcision is child abuse. In his words, “...every child has a right to have their genitals left alone.”

GRAND CHUTE, Wis. – A bunny rabbit named Cinnamon is being accused of arson for starting a fire that burned her owners home. It’s believed the pet started the blaze by chewing an electrical cord behind a clothes dryer.

ROME – Italian women have just named a 47-year-old priest “the sexiest man on Italian television.” 30 percent of women polled named televised sermon-reader Father Giovanni D’Ercole – who looks a little like James Coburn – as their “secret dream.”

LOS ANGELES – Rock star Eddie Van Halen reports that he is beating his battle with cancer. Although he won’t give the details of his condition, he does say he’s having an easier time handling cancer than reuniting with former band member David Lee Roth for a new album tour.

TOKYO – After much nail biting over how the Japanese would respond to the film Pearl Harbor, box office reports prove the Japanese love it. In just two days the film took in nearly $7.1 million knocking Steven Spielberg’s A.I. out of top place.

LOS ANGELES – A new vacuum suction contraption known as “Brava” is the newest fad in breast enhancement. The manufacturer claims a woman can gain one cup size in about 10 weeks by wearing two plastic cones under a sports bra while a machine stretches the breast tissue.