CHICAGO (Wireless Flash) – A great voice of radio has fallen silent – but hopefully not for long. 82-year-old host Paul Harvey will have surgery later this month to repair a weakened vocal chord. Throat problems have kept Harvey off the air since May.

ROME – A new study shows Italian men aren’t as lusty as you think. A survey by an Italian psychologist shows 65 percent of Italian men get uneasy when they see a woman with large breasts, and 31 percent are “frightened” at the sight of a topless woman.

NEW YORK – Break out the champagne, dahling: The hard-partying society gals of Absolutely Fabulous are coming back. Comedy Central will debut six new episodes of the hit Brit sitcom in November.

LOS ANGELES – 26-year-old Big Brother contestant Justin was kicked off the TV show by producers after he held a knife up to house mate Krista’s throat and urinated on one of the windows.

LAS VEGAS – The ring is the thing for David Cassidy, who is offering a $50,000 reward for the return of his family crest ring. The former teen pop star believes he lost it or it was stolen from a dressing room during his current concert tour. He says he desperately wants it back so he can pass it on to his son.

BURBANK, Calif. – Mariah Carey is not so shy about parting with her skivvies. The skimpy outfit-loving pop star has donated one of her lacy bras and a pair of her boxer shorts to an upcoming auction sponsored by L.A. radio station Power 106.

MENOMONIE, Wisc. – Law enforcement officials are having a cow over a Wisconsin man who’s been arrested for violating cattle. It’s the second time in two years the 47 year old has been caught having sex with a cow.

NEW YORK – If you tell Jude Law’s wife she has smelly knickers, she’ll take it as a compliment. Biography magazine is reporting Law’s lady, actress Sadie Frost, runs a company called “Smelly Knickers” that makes vanilla-scented panties.

MIAMI – M&Ms candies are hoping to sweeten relationships with Hispanic candy buyers with a new flavor: “Dulce de Leche-Caramel” that will be distributed in cities with large Latino populations including Los Angeles, Miami and San Diego.

LOS ANGELES – Actress Melissa Gilbert is attempting to join Ronald Reagan and Charlton Heston in politics. The former Little House On The Prairie star has just announced she plans to run for president of the Screen Actor Guild.