NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) – Was the Los Angeles Police Department involved in the murder of rapper Notorious B.I.G.? A former LAPD detective thinks so. Russell Poole claims he was forced to drop his investigation of the murder after he discovered evidence L.A.’s finest were involved. It will all be revealed on an episode of VH1’s Behind The Music on Sunday (Jul. 8).

ODESSA, Ill. – Here comes the bride – right through the sporting goods section. On Friday, an Illinois couple will become the first pair to be married inside a Sears store. Bride Veronica Olinske works at the Odessa, Illinois, location and chose the spot because she feels her co-workers are just like family.

MEXICO CITY – Another bachelor bites the dust: Mexican president Vicente Fox tied the knot with his spokeswoman Martha Sahagun yesterday morning. The ceremony took place at El Presidente’s official residence in Mexico City.

HELSINKI, Finland – Elvis must be rolling in his grave: A Finnish professor has translated Presley’s classic “Blue Suede Shoes” into the 6000-year-old Sumerian language. The professor will launch his unusual recording on Thursday, and he plans to don a loin cloth and blue suede sandals for the occasion.

KINGS ISLAND, Ohio – First there was Tomb Raider the movie – soon there will be Tomb Raider the ride. The Kings Island amusement park in Ohio has just announced it will construct an adventure ride based on the Angelina Jolie movie sometime next year.

DUBAI – Chefs in the Arab state of Dubai have just set a yummy record: The largest dish of babaganoush. A nearly-1500-pound bowl of the popular eggplant dip was ladled out to shoppers at a summer shopping festival Friday.

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. – Better late than never: Six months after George W. Bush came into office, Walt Disney World has announced it plans to add the president to its “Hall of Presidents” exhibit. The animatronic Dubya will join the other presidents by the end of the summer.

LONDON – Pierce Brosnan is safe and secure in his role as James Bond in future films. Producers of the 007 films deny British press reports that he is to be replaced with Scottish actor Gerard Butler.

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. – Tiger Woods may rule the roost on the golf course but on a dance floor he’s sub par. His father, Earl, claims Tiger has very little rhythm and can’t sing either.

LONDON – A British Anglican vicar has earned a place in record books for preaching from the Good Book for 30 hours straight. He broke the previous record of 27 hours.