Headlines for: 04-17-2000

COMPANY PLANS TO AIR LIFT VIBRATORS TO PROTEST ALABAMA SEX TOY BAN SAN FRANCISCO (Wireless Flash) -- The State of Alabama's proposed ban on marital aids is rubbing a sex toy company the wrong way. Next week, Alabama officials will ask the 11th Circuit Court of

TURN UNCLE AL'S ASHES INTO A NICE DINNER PLATE TEMPERANCE, Mich. (Wireless Flash) -- Got a dead relative you're dying to honor? How about turning old Aunt May into a dinner plate? That's just one of the cremation options offered by

65-YEAR-OLD CREATES BIGFOOT COOKBOOK DOUGLAS CITY, Calif. (Wireless Flash) -- A Bigfoot researcher in Douglas City, California, will soon be giving Bigfoot buffs something to chew on: A Bigfoot cookbook.

URINE: INEXPENSIVE TREATMENT FOR SUNBURN BOSTON (Wireless Flash) -- Here's a sunburn treatment that's hard to stomach: applying a little of your own urine on the burn. According to Susanne Althoff of "Natural Health" magazine, urine

LENO GETS STAR ON HOLLYWOOD BLVD. -- RIGHT WHERE HE WAS ARRESTED LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- Jay Leno sure has a weird way of remembering his past. Next week "The Tonight Show" host will receive a star on the

DON'T TRY TO TRAIN YOUR DOG TONIGHT SPOKANE, Washington (Wireless Flash) -- If you want your dog to obey you, avoid training it during tonight's full moon. According to former show dog trainer Rhonda Hart Poe, the phases

WIRELESS FLASH BRIEFS FROM AROUND THE WORLD LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- Actor Christian Bale plays an "American Psycho" in the new movie, but his own wacky behavior is decidedly British. Bale tells "E! Online" that he occasionally drinks alcohol to

15-MINUTE PLAY FESTIVAL NEEDS SHORT PLAYS FAST LOS ANGELES (Wireless Flash) -- If you're an unknown playwright, you could soon get your 15 minutes of fame -- as long as you can write a play that's only 15 minutes long.

EMBARRASSING SPORTS MOMENTS NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant knows something about getting his panties in a bunch -- literally. Bryant confesses to "Sports Illustrated For Kids" that his most