Headlines for: 03-29-2000

TIGER'S GOT GAMBLERS BY THE TAIL LONDON (Wireless Flash) -- Tiger Woods has the oddsmakers by the tail: If he wins all four Grand Slam events this year, it could break their banks.

FRAGRANCES TO BE DOWNLOADED TO YOUR COMPUTER LONDON (Wireless Flash) -- This should raise a stink: an internet company claims it's discovered a way to download odors and fragrances over the internet.

SUMO WRESTLER WANTS TO BECOME RAP STAR TOKYO (Wireless Flash) -- A retired sumo wrestler is now tackling something bigger: a career as a rap singer. The wrestler -- named Konishiki -- hopes his Hiroshima-style hip-

TOM GREEN: PLEASED TO SAY `TESTICLE' ON TV NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- MTV comic Tom Green says he's finding something positive about his battle with testicular cancer: It's allowing him the chance to say the word "testicle" on national TV.

DESCENDENT OF BRAVEHEART NOW FIGHTING UFO SECRECY ST. CHARLES, Mo. (Wireless Flash) -- The truth about UFOs may finally be exposed if a relative of the man who inspired the movie, "Braveheart" has his say.

STADIUM SNACK TOSSERS TO GET OWN OLYMPICS NEW YORK (Wireless Flash) -- Stadium snack tossers hope to hit a home run with a new event that's being described as the "Snack Olympics." Later today in New York, ten professional peanut tossers will face

GLOBETROTTER TO ATTEMPT WORLD RECORD DUNK SHOT PHOENIX (Wireless Flash) -- Harlem Globetrotter Michael "Wild Thing" Wilson says he hopes to set a world's record for the highest dunk shot. The 6-foot, 6-inch Wilson already holds the world dunk-shot record

CAN YOGA PREVENT CHILD ABUSE? MAPLEWOOD, N.J. (Wireless Flash) -- Can yoga prevent child abuse? That's the question a New Jersey woman hopes to answer by designing the world first's "anti-child abuse exercise room."

STUDY: MASSAGE REDUCES PAIN OF ROOT CANALS CLEVELAND (Wireless Flash) -- A new study suggests a little pampering can reduce the amount of pain felt by root canal patients. The study from Case Western Reserve University reveals patients